Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the lovely diy shop

hi all!  i'm back today with some cards to share with you--goodness, it feels like forever since i've posted anything crafty.  i'm so glad to have these to show you!

over the last 3 months or so, i have gotten opportunities here and there to make some things--mostly cards and tags--using the new--shall we say latest--Crate Paper collections.  i hadn't really played around with them too much before Nemy was born but since then, i've been using them every chance i get--and not just because i'm on the CP Design Team.  i honestly love these lines! Maggie Holmes, Party Day, and especially DIY Shop have been on heavy rotation on my studio desk for the last 12 weeks.  while i love them all, i have gone head over heels mad for DIY Shop!  

the colors are soft and beautiful and in all of my favorite shades--aquas, mints, pinky reds, and yellows.  even the neutrals are great in their krafts, creams, and charcoal grays.  then there are the patterns...i think i love them ALL!  the typewriters, the woodgrain, the black and cream incredibly lovely!  the collection itself feels vintage yet timeless--like i could use this line for the rest of my life and it wouldn't look dated.  i don't mean to gush, but i honestly adore this collection.  i've been a long-time fan of Crate Paper and have liked every line i've had the pleasure of working with as a designer.  but nothing has come along that makes me as euphoric as DIY Shop has done.  i don't know whether to use it all or hoard it all!

well, anyhow, the first card uses all DIY Shop elements, from the 6x6 paper pad to the Standouts, to the stickers.  the kraft tag and doily are the only things that are not DIY Shop

the second card is mostly DIY but also features a few Party Day pieces, as well, including the "Happy Birthday" sticker.

DIY has several pretty floral arrangements, like the ones i've used on these two cards.  see what i mean about the colors?  when everything in a collection is this gorgeous, i feel like my creativity just pours out of me and the work is so enjoyable i don't want to stop.  it can be a problem, however...for instance, we're supposed to be working with new collection The Pier right now and although The Pier is a lot of fun and has an amazing color scheme itself, i find myself still gravitating back to DIY Shop for nearly every new project i start!      

if you haven't seen it yet, do be sure to check out The Pier.  it's been in stores for a bit now and it's so wonderfully summery--think Coney Island and saltwater taffy.  luckily, i have been able to pull myself away from DIY Shop to successfully create a few cards and tags using The Pier.  i'll likely be sharing them here next week.

i've also been adding new goodies to my Etsy Shop this week and i'll have a full post all about them soon.  okay, i know i didn't go step by step or product by product over these cards today because i was too busy singing the praises of DIY Shop, but if you have any questions about the cards, please don't hesitate to ask.

lastly, i want to just let you know that we made out pretty well on Hoss's first day back to work.  there were a couple hairy moments, but we made it through them and lived to tell!  a very big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who reached out with encouraging words and advice--i appreciate it more than you know.

until next time...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

i'm no super-mom

well, the last 12 weeks have been great!  i know i've only been here (on thurstonpost) once during that period, but we've been having a terrific time being our little family.  Hoss returns to work today after a 3-month leave and i am dreading it!  i know, imagine how he's feeling, right?  he just left and, yeah, i almost cried.  

he took the same amount of leave after Mr. Bagubian was born and i'm sure that when he returned to work after that, i felt worse than i do now because i know that, as a first-time Mom, i was incredibly nervous to be left alone with the baby all day!  i'm not so much looking at it that way this time, but there are two of them now and they have different needs and...i'm no super-mom.  sometimes i still feel like i don't know what i'm doing and the funny thing is, Hoss is very sure of himself and has a pretty good handle on being a dad.  isn't that the way moms are supposed to be?  they're supposed to have all the answers, right?  and instinctively know what to do for their children, right?  well, i confess: i kinda don't.  

i'm so awkward sometimes and simple things are not simple for me.  Hoss is the king of the swaddle; he was always the one wrapping up Baby Bagubian and i don't even think i did it once.  i have swaddled Nemy more than a few times, but my swaddles aren't nearly as nice-looking or as tight as when Hoss does them.  Hoss clips their nails, gives them baths, and cleans their ears.  i'm always there when those things are going on, usually holding them (or the camera!) or at the ready with the towel to dry them off and get them dressed, but i don't trust myself to do those things.  i'm sure it's silly and i know i could do them if i had to.  the first few times would absolutely be disastrous but after some practice, we'd all be fine--probably.

i'm sure some of my insecurities are normal and i'm not the first mother to think this parenting stuff is not easy, but i also tend to worry more than the average person and i probably have more self-doubt than that person, too.  i don't even want to think about what it will be like taking both kids out by myself the first time.  awkward?  difficult?  stressful?  all of the above?  yes, probably, but i must remind myself that a.) it will get better the more often we do it; and b.) my sister does it with three children--in the snow.  and she didn't have her husband at home with her for 12 weeks like i did.  

most women don't.  and single moms--they have to do everything, all the time.  i'm definitely NOT asking for anyone's sympathy, especially since it is not lost on me how fortunate i am as a new mom to have had my husband at home with us for all this time.  even though i am anxious about how today and tomorrow and the next day are going to go without Hoss around, i know i am incredibly lucky that he was here.

in addition to my nerves, i am also feeling sad because we were able to do so many things together--large and small--and that is ending.  i'll miss having that every day.  however, instead of being all Debbie Downer that it's over, i'll go the optimistic route and have happy memories of our little adventures instead!

a lot of older siblings have a tough time when the new little bundle of joy arrives on the scene because they go from being the center of attention to sharing the spotlight.  we have been fortunate that Gooby has adjusted pretty well to Nemy's arrival, no doubt thanks in part to Hoss's presence these last three months.  they got to spend a lot of time together and i know it was great for both of them.

from learning how to ride a new bike, to going on train rides, to sharing a bed on our trips (much more fun for Mr. B than for Daddy!)... visiting the space shuttle Endeavor at the Science Center...

...and falling asleep with a beloved new toy on the way home... testing out "monster bikes" at the toy store... our "last hurrah" picnic in San Diego last Thursday...a good time was certainly had by all.  

we love you, Daddy!  we'll miss having you here with us all hurry up and get home from work!

and dear readers...thank you for letting me unload a few of my feelings on you today.  i definitely appreciate having this space for sharing the good and the bad.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it's a girl!

hello, hello!  i'm finally back after my nearly 10-week break from blogging...i hadn't intended to be absent quite that long but Hoss has also been off and so we've been doing a lot of family things together and it's been really wonderful!

without further ado, though, please let me introduce the newest member of our family...

Anemone Sarah

our tiny pink bundle of joy came into the world just after midnight on Tuesday, March 5th.  she was itty bitty at just 6 pounds and 3 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.  i don't think she was as tiny as my doctor thought she was going to be--the reason he had me induced a few days early--but she seemed so small to us!

our little Nemy is so, so sweet and growing like a weed!  she is such a good eater and weighs about 11 pounds now at 10 weeks old.  she started smiling right at 6 weeks old and hasn't stopped!

i snapped these photos a few days ago--Daddy was making her laugh. she is very much a daddy's girl.  Hoss was smitten with her the second he met her.  as you may remember (or maybe not, it's been so long!), we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl and so when she arrived, Hoss got to announce her gender.  he's not a man who gets easily choked up and when he saw that she was indeed a girl, it was pretty emotional for both of us.  i think we had both secretly been hoping for a daughter since we already have a son, so the moment we found out was pretty amazing.  i don't know that we'll have anymore kids but if we decide to, we're definitely going the gender-surprise route again.

as i said, i hadn't intended to take such a long vacation from blogland but we've been so busy that it's been hard to find the time.  funnily enough, it hasn't necessarily been Nemy and Mr. Bagubian taking up all of our time.  we've been busy trying to make the most of the 12 weeks of leave Hoss has had.  we've been on the go pretty much since right after Nemy got here.  i was fully expecting to feel like a hibernating zombie like we did for the first 6 weeks after Gooby was born but that was not the case at all.  we were out and about right away this time and found ourselves with a strange amount of energy.  having the second child, i guess, is not the culture shock that the first one is.  it's been nice not to feel drained all the time and constantly wonder when i will ever sleep!  she doesn't sleep through the night yet but i know she will in a few months and i can deal with that.

so we've taken day trips and a long road trip, had a good long visit from my parents (complete with a 3-day jaunt to Vegas!), and are set to see and do as much as we can in the next two weeks.  after that, Hoss returns to work and i figure out how to deal with a new baby and a toddler without him!

luckily, Mr. B is head over heels crazy about his baby sister!  he loves looking at her, kissing her feet, and trying to make her laugh.  and for some reason, he often says to her, "hiya Nems, nice to meetcha!"

i just wanted to finally check in with you folks and let you know i'll slowly be coming back to blogging.  i've gotten some moments here and there in my studio and i can't wait to share what i've been working on with you.  but for tonight, it's late and my sweet Nemy is asleep so i've got to take advantage of that myself...